Disease Related Sleep Disorder

Somnolence or a sleep-related disorder

It  is a condition wherein the sufferer is unable to move his body. The main cause of such condition is the accumulation of toxins in the body. A person suffering from somnolence is totally unconscious and does not know what is happening to him. This is because the brain activity which is responsible for giving the person a sense of being awake has been halted. Hence, the person is not able to move his body due to a malfunctioning nervous system.

 The main causes of somnolence vary from person to person. In some cases, the condition may be as a result of a medical condition, like a tumor or infection. On the other hand, there are also many other causes of the condition, which are widely known. These causes include diseases like Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, alcohol abuse, and cerebral palsy. If the neurological doctor diagnoses a patient to have a somnolence, he will then require you to go through different treatment options to ensure that the patient gets relief from the condition.

 The main aim of the medical professionals is to ensure that patients suffering from somnolence are able to regain their ability to move their body. Thus, it is very important that the patient is diagnosed with the disease as early as possible in order to give him the best chance to recover fully. It is very important that the patient undergoes tests like MRI scans and CT scans to determine the level of his neurological condition. These tests will help the neurologist in diagnosing the condition of the patient and therefore, prepare him to treat him properly.


When a patient complains of having a motor disability due to the condition of somnolence, doctors usually recommend treatment for the disease. The treatment options for patients suffering from somnolence depend on the kind and extent of his condition. Some people might require more intensive treatments, while others might be able to get better comfort with support groups and medications. This is why the treatment options of patients are discussed with him during the consultation visit. The consultation visit also determines the type of treatment that will be given to him.

 One of the first things that doctors might suggest in treating this disease is the use of motor rehabilitation aids such as wheelchairs. This type of treatment is often recommended for patients that have very poor posture and balance. Another option is physical therapy. This involves using medications and therapeutic techniques to help patients overcome their motor disability. For patients that can’t walk and their condition is severe, there are also the options of getting a medical device that can help them walk. However, these types of devices might be very expensive and it might not be possible for a patient to afford them.

 Other medical treatments involve using medications to control the movement of the patients. There are also sedating drugs that can help in controlling the involuntary movements. These drugs are mostly used to prevent seizures due to somnolence. Once the person learns how to control his body while he is awake, then he will be able to recover from the condition. Once a patient learns how to control his body, then he will be able to do away with the problem of somnolence

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