1946–1958 GAZ-M20 Pobeda – Post War Era

1946–1958 GAZ-M20 Pobeda, both a utility vehicle and a sport car

The 1947 post war era was the birth of GAZ-M type production cars. The original intention was to create a car that was both a utility vehicle and a sport car. With the help of Leviton engines and chassis, the Leviton engine is a close relative of the Toyota internal combustion engine. This was the time when there were no real rules regulating production cars and designers had a free hand to experiment and explore new designs. Many renowned car builders like Peter Eisenman and Oleg Deripaska started building their own unique concept vehicles. The first GAZ-M type car was assembled at the Korkov factory in January 1947.
The unique, full ponton design and two-seater engine capacity make this vehicle a stylish and tasteful choice for any kind of Russian vehicle enthusiast. The GAZ-M20 Pobeda was an immediate success and has become a staple vehicle in many private collections all over the world. One of the most striking features of this particular vehicle is the “wing-less” architecture of the cabin. It is evident that this was a deliberate design move on the part of the designers to allow the driver to enjoy his or her own driving style without worrying about disturbing other drivers on the road.
As soon as production of the GAZ-M20 Pobeda car got underway in June 1947, it quickly became the favorite vehicle of all the Red Army officers and servicemen. This particular vehicle was first introduced in limited quantities to elite units only. As such, the cost of this vehicle was greatly increased to make it affordable for the common mass market. The full ponton design of the cockpit and the clever use of the tall driving wheels made it easier for the Red Army soldiers to easily maneuver this simple but extremely maneuverable vehicle.
The most significant characteristic of this vehicle is its full ponton design. This feature allowed the Russians the luxury of driving in all directions possible without worrying about getting stuck in a mud puddle. If you are an individual who likes to take long drives in your personal automobile, then you definitely would appreciate this aspect of this unique vehicle. You can easily turn your vehicle into a four wheel drive by simply removing the rear wheels, which can be easily achieved if you have room in your garage. This makes the GAZ-M20 Pobeda a great investment for anyone who enjoys driving in all seasons.
Just like the factory “GAZ lockout”, the interior of this vehicle is also fitted with high quality materials. The seats were made of leather, and the dashboard, which can easily be detached, is made of hard plastic. There are also two large storage bins positioned behind the driver’s seat, both of which can be fitted with locking mechanisms to secure your belongings. The doors lock into place with either stainless steel or titanium. It is highly recommended that one buy a genuine GAZ-M20 Pobeda car gearbox, as there are many counterfeit products available on the market which are cheaply made and will therefore do absolutely no justice to the real deal.
This all sounds good, but what about the cost of these vehicles? Unfortunately, these vehicles are expensive to buy, which is why they are generally only purchased by those individuals who can afford them. However, they are a real attraction when used, as their value tends to increase with each passing day. Many people often buy them and sell them shortly afterwards, which allows the individual to have a much greater profit on their original purchase. As they are very popular among Russian businessmen, they are also one of the most popular used cars in the UK.

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